ECM by the Decades: Schedule Change

Please note that there will be no “ECM by the Decades” show as originally scheduled on March 26. The last two shows have been rescheduled for April 9 (covering the 1990s) and May 7 (covering the 2000s). The reason for this change is actually ECM-related, as that night I’ll be covering the John Abercrombie tribute concert in New York City for All About Jazz. Stay tuned, on all fronts!

4 thoughts on “ECM by the Decades: Schedule Change

  1. Thanks for the head’s up Tyran. As much as i’m not digging waiting so long to hear the final parts of this special, I am very much looking forward to your reporting on the John Abercrombie tribute concert.
    I guess it’s hoping for too much that somebody would actually record the concert and officially release it, but it should be done all the same… Where else are we going to hear all these ECM-releated artists under one roof after all. I know they also missed the opportunity all those years ago when the tribute was also done for Collin Walcott…

  2. Sadly, the Abercrombie concert was not recorded for posterity. I tried to be as thorough in my review as possible for that very reason, so I can only hope it captures something of the evening’s wonders. As for Walcott, there was the 1985 film An Evening of Music and Theatre for Collin Walcott, directed by Burril Crohn, which I saw as part of the ECM: A Cultural Archaeology exhibit back in 2013 but which has not been released (as far as I know)…

    1. Thanks Tyran for the info. It would be great and I hope that Walcott concert sees the light of day audio-wise someday. Looking forward to the final part of the ECM radio special in just a few days!

      1. The show will be delayed again, actually, because I will be reviewing a concert by Thomas Demenga on the 23rd. Will be back on the air on May 7. Also, it won’t be the last show after all 😉 Stay tuned!

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