Official Facebook Page

To my dear readers: I’ve finally created an official Facebook page for this blog. Click here to stay informed and connected with other fans!

4 thoughts on “Official Facebook Page

  1. I welcome your ECM & other jazz commentaries, HOWEVER do not « do » social media, including « the book of Face », so trust that you will continue to transmit them as before, to email subscribers.

    N. Lundberg


    1. Thank you for your comment. The Facebook page is by no means going to replace anything that goes on here at Between Sound and Space. It’s merely another channel through which my readers can engage, and one created in response to mounting demand. I will, of course, continue to alert email subscribers to all content, as before, so nothing will change for those who prefer that method of communication.

  2. Hallelujah. I was a face-booker for 8 years, but had to escape during the last election. Mr. Zuckerberg has made it clear through his actions he has no intention to deal with users in an honest and straightforward fashion, but will continue to give lip-service to data integrity while selling user data. It’s his business model. Cheers to the small and independent blog.

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