ECM Record Collection Photo Competition

ECM currently has a giveaway contest over at its official Instagram page, open until October 31, 2021. Details are as follows:

“To celebrate 50.000 fans on Instagram, ECM hosts ‘Record collection photo competition’.
To participate, upload a picture of your ECM collection or favourite album to your Instagram timeline and describe what your collection or this particular album means to you.
Make sure to tag us (@ecm_records) and use the hashtag #ECM50K. Winners will be selected based on the aesthetic of your photo and the description. The five top winners will receive a surprise ECM goodie bag. We will also share our favourite images on our channel. You can submit your posts until midnight on October 31st and the winners will be announced a week later.”

My entry:

Even as the world slumbers, wracked by fits of brief self-awareness, FREE AT LAST stands not only as a mantra for its creator but also as a portal into the timeless wonders of the label it inaugurated more than half a century ago.

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