Thank you…

I began this blog two years ago on a whim and out of a desire to share my love for a label and its music that have shaped me since that first fateful encounter in my teens. My goal, as will be familiar to you, is to review every ECM album there is. I am now proud to say that, with over 600 reviews complete (300,000 words and counting!), I am at the halfway point to getting there. I couldn’t have done this without constant support from all of you who have been reading faithfully and sharing your enlightening comments, anecdotes, and stimulating debates. This has been one of the most fulfilling learning experiences of my writing and listening life, and I look forward to bringing you the second half and beyond as ECM continues to chart new paths on this quest between sound and space in which we all share. I thank you all, and stay tuned…

Spring 2012

4 thoughts on “Thank you…

  1. Thank you, Tyran. I’m glad you’re only half way through and intend to continue! Although I got Crystal Silence when it first came out (I’m that old) and have been a fan of ECM since then I haven’t given the attention to the label that I’m now able to, thanks to your reviews.

    The other reason for my being able to give such close attention, and my one axe to grind, has been Spotify. I’m afraid that some of my most beloved playlists (Dawn Dance, etc.) have suddenly been emptied out. I wonder if there is any way to get Herr Eicher to reconsider? I don’t think any ECM titles are available in the UK on Spotify, much to the discontent of a friend who actually owns the coffee-table book of ECM album covers.

    Tom Lane

  2. All thanks to you, Tyran. You always bring insights to each recording and intrigue me about many issues that I have not even heard about previously. If you ever need help or information related to the Estonian related releases, please let me know.
    with much regards and appreciation
    Alan Teder

  3. Yes, thank YOU Tyran-I’ve been an ECM fanatic all on my own since 1978 and it’s so nice for someone like me to know that there are others out there who have such a passion for this label as well. It’s also wonderful to read another vision of my personal favorite albums not even to mention those that I have missed or been unable to obtain (due to an out-of-print status). It seems right around 1980 or so that in this part of the U.S. we couldn’t count on all of the ECM’s making it over here due to their new distribution partner at the time . Yes suddenly some of those new ECM vinyls were only available as imports-IF you could even find them at all, pre-internet. I ended up ordering many through mail-order catalogs in the early 1980’s. Once the CD revolution came along late 80’s it got even worse and even the label was slow in re-issuing many of it’s more obscure titles. I still prefer CD’s to downloads, but it seems many of those rare ECM titles will NEVER be released on CD,and i’ll have to go with the downloads (which are lacking in the recording and composer information which makes it quite a bit of a loss for me)-and not even the ECM website lists all these details.
    Well back to the point-i’m actually a bit sad that you’re 50% done. Hopefully when you get towards the end you will continue with the new releases after that point and hopefully maybe write a second review for those titles that you re-visit after your initial review and come back with a different perspective or appreciation of and will continue to write on. Thanks again Tyran

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