To all my devoted readers, allow me to extend another warm thank you. As of today, between sound and space has surpassed 500 followers! With a new semester underway and my first child due to be born any day now, I can only hope to achieve my goal of catching up with ECM’s rigorous release schedule by the end of this academic year. So many great releases on the horizon, and even more from the past left to discover…

5 thoughts on “500 followers!

  1. Tyran, what you are providing is a timeless treasure to all ECM devotees – keep up the great work; I am sure we all look forward to the coming installments (as we curse you for watching our savings dwindle so we can purchase and listen to the music that you so lovingly review!). Best wishes to you and your wife on a project that will be even richer, more rewarding – and occasionally more work – than the ECM review undertaking!


  2. Tyran-Congradulations-and PLEASE keep up the great work for all of us many ECM followers (as I have been since the late 70’s now).
    Would also like to see you write about your life as well-like what are you studying in school? Once you get through the entire ECM catalog-with only new releases to review (or anytime you get a chance, actually), would love to see you go back and amend/add to reviews of any discs that you have found yourself returning to after the original review and write about how your perceptions or appreciation of those particular albums has evolved with further listenings. US ECM fans all have our favorites-just last night and today I was playing many of these when it dawned on me that these particular recordings I have listened to every year since the late 70’s or very early 80’s when these were new releases. I realize what an important part of my life the soundtrack of many ECM recordings has become. I think many of the readers here have a similar experience. Without even trying to I often find myself listening to a favorite disc when memories come back of me listening to this very same disc during a car ride somewhere or other, or while sitting working at a particular job a long time ago. It seems I can’t disconnect these memories from the music. Although many people can perhaps make the same claim with whatever music they enjoy, I think the nature of ECM music, being very “open” to interpretation, mostly instrumental and not following any set pattern, is particularly suitable for hanging our own personal memories onto.

    1. That’s a really great point – I’ve listened to so much ECM since 1978 that it could serve as a sort of soundtrack to my life, and I suspect it is that way with many of us healthy ECM addicts!

      1. Yes-I knew I wasn’t alone in my love of all things ECM and how much of a soundtrack it has become. Oddly the music even helps me recall events that I might have otherwise forgotten. I can’t say how many times I pullout one of my old favorites and as i’m playing it I recall the time when I first really “got into” that particular album, what I was doing, where I was working, etc. at that particular time in my life.

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