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With the posting of my latest review (Always Let Me Go by the Keith Jarrett Trio), I have reviewed the first 800 albums in the ECM catalogue. These, combined with the numerous random others I have reviewed from later on, leave me with only about 250 more to go before I reach synchronicity with the label’s tireless releasing. As I progress toward that goal, so far three and a half years in the making, I want to reiterate my sincere gratitude for those who’ve stuck with me this long. Along the way, I’ll continue chipping away at the JAPO albums, of which 17 out of 41 remain. Onward I go!

8 thoughts on “Reviews update

  1. Fantastic goal. I can now see an ending to this. At that point, then what? Obliviously new albums will continue i’m assuming. Any chance then you may go back at random , listen again to various recordings, then post your updated observations onto the original review? Thanks-i’m having a grand time reading another person’s thoughts on music i’ve been listening to since 1978.

  2. Such a brilliant achievement so far – and so rewarding for us readers. Not far to go then! I enjoy your forays into the wider music world too, so a job for life I feel!

  3. What a lovely pursuit this is. Just as the musicians are fully dedicated to creating truthful, reflective, and magnificent music, you are fully dedicated to experiencing this music entirely and thoughtfully and relaying your thoughts to others in a masterful way.

    Your dedication is inspiring.

  4. An opportune time to do what I’ve been meaning to do for a while, Tyran – give you a general note of thanks for all the effort that you put in to this excellent review site. This is becoming my most-visited web bookmark, whenever I want to dip in to some first-class writing about all the artists I love on my favourite record label (and some who I’m just discovering for the first time!). Congratulations on this milestone. Here’s to the next few hundred reviews!

  5. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. And thank you. I enjoy and appreciate your words. ECM has interested, inspired, comforted, challenged, soothed and stirred me up since I first discovered the label in 1970. What a body of work. What an achievement.

    The Trio appeared in Seattle Tuesday night. Truly memorable. Likely the last time I see the band and likely one of the last times they’ll gather to play. Four encores. Third was a stellar ‘God Bless the Child’ which brought tears…

    I was at this concert as well:

    Not as dire as described by a long shot. The music was gorgeous. It was quiet. Sbdued. Thoughtful but certainly not mechanical. Of course I’d been up 30 hours or so traveling from Seattle to Rome to Perugia for the show and was a little…lagged. But we found the music quite wonderful. Keith’s prickly. No doubt about it. But the audience… Let’s just say they’re rambunctious.

  6. Thanks, Tyran… only a BIG, heartfelty thanks for your superb job.
    You’re a statement of dedication to this superb music and you should won Manfred Eicher’s Prize, if any:-)
    All the very best,

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