Milestone and four-week hiatus

As of my last post (Sinikka Langeland’s Starflowers), I’ve reviewed ECM’s first 1000 releases. Add to this the scattered others from later on in the catalogue, and that leaves only 144 albums before I “catch up” with the label’s unflinching rate of release. On July 17, I’ll be leaving for a four-week trip to Japan, during which time I will abstain from reviewing, immersed as I’ll be in linguistic and academic research in Kyoto. I’m sure you’ll find enough to mull over in the interim 😉

I’m beyond grateful to all of my readers, transient and constant alike, who’ve given me the resolve to keep this project going. Synchronicity is within reach!

4 thoughts on “Milestone and four-week hiatus

  1. You’ve made substantial progress on a truly monumental undertaking. Just listening to each release purposefully, so that you can write about it later, is a task too daunting for most of us. It’s an impressive reserve of poetry you draw upon for the new and inventive ways you describe this music. Dancing about architecture, right? Dance on!

    Best wishes for a successful Japanese voyage, and cheers for a break well earned.

  2. Have an absolutely wonderful adventure – it is thrilling to be guided through the ECM/JAPO catalog by you and I look forward to your return!

  3. Hope your adventure in Japan are wonderful! Thank you so much for creating this website and putting so much time and love into this. It’s truly invaluable. As a musician and avid music listener this has been a place I go to regularly to learn about and navigate through the huge catalog that is ECM.

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