Praxis: In Times of Horror

In Times of Horror

Following in the footsteps of Sound Virus, Praxis returns for a single act of twisted faith. Featuring bassist and depth-bringer Bill Laswell, guitar alien Buckethead, and underground dot-connector John Zorn, this blast of hell heat overlays vocals from hip-hop artist extraordinaire and hero of the abyss, RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ (1960-2010).

Less than two minutes in time, but infinite in effect, “In Times of Horror” takes a drill to the tooth of a deity in agony. Its spiraling guitar, newly struck lyrics, and whirring core-grist bring a more guttural treatment to this archival classic. It is a morsel of rock turned into steel, then hammered into a spaceship of moon-destroying virtue. The abuse is at once robotic and as organic as dusk. It turns on an axis like a stick making fire on a bed of dry grass, inhaling smoke until it passes out.

The shop of time reopens for no one once the sign says CLOSED.

(For a sample and ordering information, click here.)

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