Recognition of Mr. Turtle

As some of you may know, I am a professional translator of Japanese fiction into English (a new translation project has, in fact, kept me from reviewing as of late…but stay tuned). My latest translation is of Yusaku Kitano’s science-fiction masterwork, Mr. Turtle, which has gained recent recognition in a write-up from The Japan Times (read here) and a Best Translated Book Award (see here). The book is available on Amazon by clicking the cover below.


2 thoughts on “Recognition of Mr. Turtle

  1. Wow, looks like an interesting novel with that cover and mysterious title.

    By the way, I’m very honored to (virtually) meet someone who professionally translates Japanese fiction to English. In fact, that is my favorite hobby that I’ve been burning away much of my free time on, and I have dreams of doing that as a paid job someday…

    Anyway, I’m sure you are busy now, but if you think you might have a few minutes to answer some questions over email please let me know. We can keep it as short as you like. Also, if it’s OK with you maybe we can make it into a interview format for my blog , because I think many of us want to hear from a real pro translator (:

  2. Hello Tyran. I just saw a notification on my phone a few minutes which appeared to be from you, saying you would be honored to do the interview. But now I cannot find where that notification came from (I don’t see it in my Gmail accounts or in WordPress anywhere).

    So there is either a software bug somewhere or I am crazy (:

    Can you please write me an email at selftaughtjapanese (at) and we can go from there?


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