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I am humbled and pleased to announce that my book on ECM is finally coming out this week. Between Sound and Space: An ECM Records Primer is to be published by Rey+Naranjo in a first edition available only to the South American market, then as a global edition early next year (preorders will be available soon).

I have been graciously invited to present two talks at the Bogotá International Book Fair. My first talk will be “ECM Records: Listen, Watch and Remain Silent,” to be given this Sunday, April 28. The second will be “The Collector as Historian,” to be given on April 30th. Please attend and introduce yourself if you’re in the Bogotá area!

More to follow.

12 thoughts on “Special Announcement

  1. Wow! I didn’t know you were doing this….congrats!!! Will this be published in English? When will it be released/pre-order? Send what info you know and I can let my other ECM nutty friends about the book.

    I could maybe get it placed in a some of the music stores here in the northern Ohio/southern Michigan areas.

    So cool!

    Marc ________________________________

  2. Hey you mentioned a talk that you would give. Was that talk recorded. Is it avail to listen to anywhere (i.e. soundcloud…. or some other platform?)

  3. Hi Tyran
    really looking forward to the new book ‘An ECM record primer’ . in English language
    please advise if I can place a pre order or when it will be published and by whom.

    Many thanks for all your wonderful insights and dedication
    adam frederick Clark

    1. Thank you! The international version of the book should be available for preorder early next year and will be published, like its first edition, by Rey Naranjo Editores (Colombia).

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