Special Announcement!

I am thrilled to announce that my book, Between Sound and Space: An ECM Records Primer, is at last available on Amazon! Those of you who have followed me for any portion of this journey know how much love, time, and care I’ve put into this project, and I hope the book, like the blog after which it was named, will lead listeners to many discoveries and hidden gems in the label’s ever-deepening catalogue. Click on the cover below to order yours while they last, and thank you, as always, for reading.

7 thoughts on “Special Announcement!

  1. Congratulations Tyran on wider distribution. I’ve had your book for some time, and it’s a thing of beauty that keeps good company next to ‘Sleeves of Desire’, ‘Horizons Touched’. ‘mono.kulture #26’, and ‘A Cultural Archaeology’, and a beautiful ECM catalog from Japan. Your choices for in-depth review are fascinating. Perhaps a second volume is forthcoming at some point? All the best to you…

  2. Thank you, Tyran! A great book which has opened my ears since buying it from the South American publisher. I am taking it slowly! In eighteen months I have listened to the first 44 recordings of the 100 in the book. I like nearly all of them and some I really love. Not only new composers, artists & compositions but the discipline has made me re-evaluate recordings of which I’d formed an opinion years ago – much to my benefit! And I’m listening with my wife which leads to new re-evaluations! We’ve always liked Jan Garbarek (we have tickets for a Garbarek concert in London in November), The Hilliard Ensemble, Anouar Brahem and Gianluigi Trovesi. We’ve come to like Keith Jarrett and John Cage. We’ve discovered Arianna Savall. We’ve been touched by many more. And it’s particularly rewarding when we both now like a composer whom only one of us has liked before such as Steve Reich. And we’re only on number 44!

    I guess if you follow Tyran’s blog that you are well disposed to the label and its recordings. You should be tempted to buy a copy of the book. Do so (and form a little project to listen to all 100 albums)! You won’t regret it!

    1. Wow, thank you so much! This is amazing to hear, as you are doing precisely what I hoped my readers would do. Let me know if any further discoveries as you continue journeying through the albums featured in the book. ECM listening is a lifelong endeavor 🙂

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