“ECM by the Decades” on WKCR

Please join me and host Andrew Castillo tonight on WKCR’s Jazz Alternatives program, where I’ll be your guest for five shows to present “ECM by the Decades.” Each program has been specially curated by myself to reflect the more obscure and hidden gems of the ECM catalog, decade by decade. Tonight, from 6-9pm EST, we’ll be exploring the label’s formative forays of the 1970s. Click the logo below to be directed to the WKCR website, where you will find more information about tonight’s program, and where you may stream us live by clicking the “LISTEN” icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Even if you’re unable to tune in, we will be archiving the program here for future streaming and downloads.


4 thoughts on ““ECM by the Decades” on WKCR

  1. Although I live in Northern NJ i’m in an area where I can no longer pick up WKCR. I moved here 5 years ago, but prior to that lived in another area of Jersey where WKCR was a daily part of my life since the late 1970’s when I discovered this wonderful station, right up until my move in 2013. It was easily one of my favorite radio stations ever, and i’m not surprised to see it hosting such a wonderful show.
    Likewise, i’ve followed Tyran since he started his review of the ECM catalog several years ago now.
    I can barely wait to hear the podcasts of the series, please create the podcast in stereo with a decent audio quality as this is something i’m going to want to download and share with some ECM fanatic friends in other parts of the country. Thank you!!!
    I’ve been an ECM fanatic since about 1978 with hundreds of the labels albums and CDs.
    I look forward to this series like some folks look forward to the Superbowl!!!!

      1. Was wonderful Tyran! Please list the dates for the forthcoming parts so they are not missed!

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