ECM by the Decades: The 1970s

On February 26, 2018, WKCR DJ Andrew Castillo and I presented the first in our five-part series, “ECM by the Decades.” The inaugural episode is now available to listen by clicking the PLAY button below. You may also download the full episode by clicking here. Scroll down for a full playlist, including links to my reviews of each album:

Barre Phillips
Mountainscapes (ECM 1076)
“Mountainscape VII”

[INTRO @ 00:03:18]

The Music Improvisation Company
s/t (ECM 1005)
“Dragon Path”

Underwear (ECM 1012)

Gary Burton
The New Quartet (ECM 1030)
“Mallet Man”

Ralph Towner
Diary (ECM 1032)

Bennie Maupin
The Jewel In The Lotus (ECM 1043)
“Past Is Past”

John Abercrombie
Timeless (ECM 1047)
“Red And Orange”

Steve Kuhn
Trance (ECM 1052)

[BREAK @ 00:57:24]

Arild Andersen
Clouds In My Head (ECM 1059)
“305 W 18 St”

Collin Walcott
Cloud Dance (ECM 1062)

Enrico Rava
The Pilgrim And The Stars (ECM 1063)

Tomasz Stanko
Balladyna (ECM 1071)
“First Song”

Edward Vesala
Nan Madol
(ECM 1077)
“Areous Vlor Ta”

Jack DeJohnette
Pictures (ECM 1079)
“Picture 6”

[BREAK @ 01:39:06]

Jack DeJohnette
New Rags (ECM 1103)
“Steppin’ Thru”

Art Lande and Rubisa Patrol
Desert Marauders (ECM 1106)
“Livre (Near The Sky)”

Bill Connors
Of Mist And Melting (ECM 1120)
“Café Vue”

Miroslav Vitous
First Meeting (ECM 1145)
“Silver Lake”

Sam Rivers
Contrasts (ECM 1162)

[CLOSING REMARKS @ 02:19:17]

7 thoughts on “ECM by the Decades: The 1970s

  1. Thank you so very much Tyran. I am really looking forward to listening to this. Your writing is on par with anything I have ever read when it comes to music reviews. Thank you for taking the time and energy to review the whole ECM catalog. I usually read your review before listening to any new ECM album. Thank you again.

  2. Excellent show, enjoyed the music and the comments. Although, as a relative ECM newcomer, I probably would have preferred the words to be before and/or after each track rather than in blocks – after a bunch of new tracks, it’s hard to remember exactly which ones you were talking about at the time! Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to future episodes…

    1. Thank you! Yes, I think that format is just what is preferred at the station. We can experiment, though, and see if we might make it easier for listeners to associate comments with particular tracks.

  3. Hello Tyran. Thank you for the page! It´s fantastic! Is there any way to download the ECM by the Decades Podcasts? I would prefer to listen to them outdoors, in muy iPod. Thanks!

    1. Hello, Oscar! I have just made the radio show podcasts downloadable. Any future broadcasts will also be downloadable. Please try them out and let me know if you have any problems.

  4. Great Tyran. Thank you so much. They are now in my iPhone and I will be listening to them the next few days. I’ll let you know my comments. Thanks again!

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