Back on the air tonight with “ECM: Between the Lines”

Join me and host Andrew Castillo tonight (June 4) on WKCR’s Jazz Alternatives program, from 6-9pm EST for a special standalone program called “ECM: Between the Lines.” After chronicling a wealth of personal favorites from the label’s inception to the present along the jazz spectrum, I wanted to offer a specially curated playlist of music that leans closer to “folk” and “world music.” ECM has historically blurred the lines between such idioms, and tonight’s program will, I hope, serve to deepen that impression. We’ll be hearing some fantastic music from the label’s least definable genre-benders, including Stephan Micus, Robin Williamson, and Savina Yannatou, even as we chart worldly intersections with jazz per se, as in the foundational work of CODONA. There’ll be plenty to explore and discover, so the more the merrier!

Click the logo below to be directed to the WKCR website, where you may stream us live by clicking the “LISTEN” icon on the top-right corner of the screen. As always, if you’re unable to tune in, we’ll be archiving the program here for future streaming and downloads.


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