ECM by the Decades: The 2010s

On May 21, 2018, WKCR DJ Andrew Castillo and I presented the last in our five-part series, “ECM by the Decades,” focusing this time on the 2010s. The episode is now available to listen by clicking the PLAY button below. You may also download the full episode by clicking here. Scroll down for a full playlist, including links to my reviews (where available) of each album:

Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin
Awase (ECM 2603)
“Modul 36”

[INTRO @ 00:13:32]

Eivind Aarset
Dream Logic (ECM 2301)
“Homage To Greene”

Dominic Miller
Silent Light (ECM 2518)

Björn Meyer
Provenance (ECM 2566)

[BREAK @ 00:34:13]

Stefano Battaglia Trio
Songways (ECM 2286)

Colin Vallon Trio
Danse (ECM 2517)

Django Bates’ Belovèd
The Study Of Touch (ECM 2534)
“Little Petherick”

[BREAK @ 00:57:48]

Sokratis Sinopoulos Quartet
Eight Winds (ECM 2407)
“In Circles”
(April 2014)

Michel Benita Ethics
River Silver (ECM 2483)
“Back From The Moon”

Anouar Brahem
Blue Maqams (ECM 2580)

[BREAK @ 01:20:42]

Jacob Young
Forever Young (ECM 2366)

Ferenc Snétberger
Titok (ECM 2468)

Jakob Bro
Streams (ECM 2499)

[BREAK @ 01:43:21]

Andrew Cyrille Quartet
The Declaration of Musical Independence (ECM 2430)

Thomas Strønen
Time Is A Blind Guide (ECM 2467)
“The Stone Carriers”

Mathias Eick
Ravensburg (ECM 2584)

[BREAK @ 02:03:10]

Aaron Parks
Find The Way (ECM 2489)

Bobo Stenson Trio
Contra la indecision (ECM 2582)

Shinya Fukumori Trio
For 2 Akis (ECM 2574)
“Mangetsu no Yube”

[BREAK @ 02:22:37]

Kristjan Randalu
Absence (ECM 2586)

Maciej Obara Quartet
Unloved (ECM 2573)

Ralph Towner / Wolfgang Muthspiel / Slava Grigoryan
Travel Guide (ECM 2310)


Elina Duni
Partir (ECM 2587)
“Amara Terra Mia”

7 thoughts on “ECM by the Decades: The 2010s

  1. Hi Tyran, Do you know that for the five decades (give or take) of music reviewed in this series, you included only one Keith Jarrett piece? I am not citing that as criticism. Only one John Abercrombie piece. Nothing from Stephan Micus. No Arvo Pärt. Surely the risk you run is disappointing some long-time ECM-er with a snub, but my point is only that in making the selections you made you’ve emphasized breadth as opposed to depth in label stalwarts. Was that a pointed choice? I loved the series, by the way, the Munich brain trust owes you a medal for heroic diplomacy to the world.

    1. Yes, this was a conscious choice for many reasons. First and foremost, because my primary goal through this series was to cue listeners in on music and/or musicians they might not have heard. I figured most ECM listeners are more than familiar with Jarrett and Abercrombie and didn’t want to saturate the programs with things they’d likely encountered many times before. Second, because most of my favorite Jarrett albums (Still Live, Sun Bear Concerts, etc.) are live recordings, and I simply didn’t want to have the sound of applause interrupting the flow (this is also why I didn’t include Ralph Towner’s Solo Concert and many others). And third, because I am planning on doing an entire show devoted to the New Series and another on ECM’s world music and folk-leaning recordings (the latter will, of course, include Stephan Micus). Stay tuned 🙂

  2. Dear Tyran Grillo, thank you.
    This series ECM by the Decades is a must. I really enjoy this set of themes and (always) personal choices made by you. I have to say that I’ve just purchased the Nik Bartsch’s Robin Awase and after listening the LP a few times, I found that Modul 36 is for me the best tune. And the same happens with Bahia of Anouar Brahem. I’m still absorbing all your 2010’s proposals. All the best to you.

    1. Thank you so very much, Carlos! One of many goals I had in making the series was to provoke new discoveries in all who hear it, regardless of their familiarity with ECM. Here’s hoping it leads you down fruitful paths. And be sure to check out the latest “ECM: Between the Lines.”

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