To my faithful readers: Do any of you have requests for albums you would like to see me review sooner rather than later?

Since reaching synchronicity with ECM in 2015, I have fallen behind a bit in the past few years. By my count, that leaves about 115 albums to catch up on. Check out the “By Catalogue #” page to see the albums I haven’t yet reviewed.

Looking forward to your suggestions!

8 thoughts on “Requests?

  1. Delighted you’re back with the ECM reviews Tyran. The two Andrew Cyrilles and the Guidi/Petrella/Sclavis/Cleaver would be great at some point. Thanks

  2. Hello! I´ve been reading your blog since 2016 and never made any comment. First of all, I want to thank you so much for all the dedication and the inspired writing. You make ECM world even more interesting than it already is, as if it weren´t enough the music, the covers, the arts-above-commercial aproach of Mr. Eicher and associates. ECM makes the world a slightly better place to live…
    More than that! It´s really good to read something less literal and a bit more literary, in your style, which always makes me learn much more, and think diferently.
    Please, don´t take too long to post a review about Ida Lupino and the new Guidi album, Avec Le Temps, which is coming out in a few weeks. From the albums I already listened, Hieroglyphen Der Nacht, and Lucus, would be very nice too.
    Sorry for any mistake, because I always read, but rarely write in english. Thank you again, directly from Brazil.

  3. How about?

    Andrew Cyrille Quartet The Declaration Of Musical Independence (Jul 2014)

    ECM 2473 NS Meredith Monk On Behalf Of Nature (Jun 2015)

    ECM 2494/95 Roscoe Mitchell Bells For The South Side (Sep 2015)

    ECM 2527 Craig Taborn Daylight Ghosts (May 2016)

    ECM 2589 Andrew Cyrille Lebroba (Jul 2017)

    Art Ensemble Commemorative box set.

    A list of top picks from the 50 new Touchstones that have and will be released this year.

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