2014 in review

Some stats from WordPress regarding between sound and space for 2014. I had 240,000 views (nearly 800,000 to date). I wrote 120,000 words (700,000 to date). My busiest day was April 17, with 1251 views. My most popular reviews were diverse, including a 2011 piece on actor Bruno Ganz’s spoken word recordings for ECM. Other popular posts were my reviews of François Couturier’s Un jour si blanc and Ghazal’s The Rain.

I’m particularly grateful to Nate Chinen at The New York Times for including David Virelles’s Mbókò on his Top Albums of 2014 list, and for kindly linking to my review of said album. I’m also deeply honored to have had a blog post quoted in Ellen Johnson’s Jazz Child: A Portrait of Sheila Jordan. Seeing my words in print was an intense validation of what I do here.

In 2015, I plan to reach my goal of reviewing every ECM and ECM New Series album ever released. It’s been a five-year journey, and I am humbled by all who have followed me this far.

A few side notes:

  • Over at All About Jazz, for whom I’ve been writing with greater frequency as I approach the goal of this blog, my most popular article was a critical analysis of the film Whiplash.
  • For RootsWorld online magazine I was proudest of my piece on Marc Sinan’s Hasretim – Journey to Anatolia.
  • And finally I was grateful for the opportunity to expound my love for ECM New Series in an extended piece for Sequenza 21 celebrating the imprint’s 30th anniversary.

Above all, I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much significant music and to be able to squeeze in the time between academic and family commitments to share my passion with others in kind. Thank you for reading, and never stop listening.

Milestone and four-week hiatus

As of my last post (Sinikka Langeland’s Starflowers), I’ve reviewed ECM’s first 1000 releases. Add to this the scattered others from later on in the catalogue, and that leaves only 144 albums before I “catch up” with the label’s unflinching rate of release. On July 17, I’ll be leaving for a four-week trip to Japan, during which time I will abstain from reviewing, immersed as I’ll be in linguistic and academic research in Kyoto. I’m sure you’ll find enough to mull over in the interim 😉

I’m beyond grateful to all of my readers, transient and constant alike, who’ve given me the resolve to keep this project going. Synchronicity is within reach!

First academic publication!

For those of you interested in the academic side of my life, I’ve just published my first journal article, “More than Meets the Eye: Blindness as Alterity in a Japanese Guide-Dog Narrative,” which you can access online here. And for anyone who missed it, I’ve reviewed my good friend Yongwoo Lee’s fascinating dissertation on Korean popular music here.


As of this week, between sound and space has surpassed 1000 followers: about one per ECM album I’ve reviewed thus far. That makes me as happy as Arvo Pärt riding his bicycle:

Cycling Pärt

Reviews update

With the posting of my latest review (Always Let Me Go by the Keith Jarrett Trio), I have reviewed the first 800 albums in the ECM catalogue. These, combined with the numerous random others I have reviewed from later on, leave me with only about 250 more to go before I reach synchronicity with the label’s tireless releasing. As I progress toward that goal, so far three and a half years in the making, I want to reiterate my sincere gratitude for those who’ve stuck with me this long. Along the way, I’ll continue chipping away at the JAPO albums, of which 17 out of 41 remain. Onward I go!